KelvinCARE Key Features

Maintaining safe workplaces, avoiding exposure to unforeseen liability and financial loss.

Physician Designed Protocols

The KelvinCARE medical physicians, in conjunction with CDC recommendations and best practices develop protocols to target COVID-19 and other emerging threats.

Symptom Observation Engine

Questions that have been determined to identify the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Convenient Compliance Reporting

Provides verification that the user entered the symptoms at least once every 24 hours.

The organization will be notified if the worker is out of compliance with the daily entry requirements.

Real-time Alert Triggers

When an individual’s symptoms reach a level indicating a likelihood of COVID-19 infection an alert is sent to the organization suggesting a quarantine and a diagnostic test.

Organizational Dashboards and Alerts

The sponsoring organization has a Dashboard that delivers a real-time display of the information from each individual program showing alerts, tests, and symptoms should an employee become infected, as they are infected, and as they recover.

Treatment Protocols and Directives

When an “Alert” is triggered the individual and the organization will receive options for diagnostic testing, treatment, and quarantine.

Proactive Contact Prediction™

The name, address, and contact information of the individual is recorded in the app and is transferred to the sponsoring organization for contact tracing to determine who may have been infected by close contact with the infected individual.

Telemedicine Support Options

There is an option for 24/7 direct physician interaction (through the AMP telemedicine network) in which a subscriber can have face to face triage with the medical staff of AMP or another designated medical network.


Using advanced Mobile Business Intelligence, KelvinCARE keeps your Managers, HR, and Risk Teams informed and up-to-date.  Through data visualization, we are able to identify trends, ‘hot spots’, or areas of concern as early as possible.  In addition, KelvinCARE produces compliance reports for the individual, work place or company.

Build confidence in your operation with proactive surveillance, while documenting a record of compliance.


Using best practices from AMP physicians and CDC recommendations, KelvinCARE provides an observation, alerting, and testing protocol for individuals, communities, and workforces.  As observations are collected in real-time, alerts notify the designated representative to initiate triage, testing, and appropriate treatment protocols.

KelvinCARE Early Detection Workflow

Kelvincare Early Detection Workflow