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Maintaining safe workplaces, avoiding exposure to unforeseen liability and financial loss.

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We now live in a virus-aware world

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COVID-19 has cost American companies more than $23 billion due to lost time

63% of companies have experienced temporary closures


30 of the 500 companies in the S&P have increased in value

Businesses Can Prevail & Thrive In This New World

Physician recommended observations

Comprehensive workforce surveillance

Actionable Insights Reporting

Effective and rapid treatments

Contact tracing and prediction

Dynamic Observation Protocols

  • Individualized
  • Fits your organization
  • Accepts latest testing types
  • Maximizes compliance & workforce continuity
  • Can target COVID-19 and other afflictions


Old World

  • Paper records
  • Manual tracking
  • Poor compliance

New World

  • Physician Designed Protocols
  • Symptom Observation Engine
  • Real-time Alert Triggers
  • Treatment Protocols and Directives
  • Relational Group Architecture
  • Proactive Contact Prediction
  • Organizational Dashboards and Alerts
  • Telemedicine support options

There was pre-KelvinCARE and post-KelvinCARE. It was really painful before they came along.

Rob WurmCEO, Alaskan Leader Fisheries
Circle with 6 cross-sections
  1. Real-time Alert Triggers
  2. Relational Group Architecture
  3. Proactive Contact Prediction
  4. Organizational Dashboards & Alerts
  5. Convenient Compliance Reporting
  6. Physician Designed Protocols
Together We're Safe

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Maintain a safe workplace and avoid exposure to unforeseen liability and financial loss.

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