About KelvinCARE

& Frequently Asked Questions

KelvinCARE is an innovative web application, which is the cornerstone for our Workforce Continuity Solutions.

KelvinCARE is an innovative web application, which is the cornerstone for our Workforce Continuity Solutions.

The first of which is “back to work”, where we partner with you to create a safe work environment for your employees, customers, and business operations. KelvinCARE utilizes a dynamic Observation Protocol (dOP) model, which deploys targeted screening for the current threat, COVID-19, and more as emerging threats arise.

What problem was KelvinCARE developed to solve?

KelvinCARE was created as a solution to help protect the fishing fleets of the Bering Sea. The Innovation team asked what can we do for our customers to assist the mariners, local communities, business operations, and economic production?

When COVID-19 hit, and the summer fishing season was approaching, KelvinCARE debuted as a part of Alaska’s Critical Infrastructure Traveler Screening Program to protect communities and the Alaskan economy. KelvinCARE successfully enrolled over 150,000 Travelers for the project.

Who makes up the leadership of KelvinCARE?

KelvinCARE is a product created by Alaska Maritime Physicians, LLC (AMP) which is directed by James Lord, MD (Founder/Chief Medical Officer) and R Scott Lord, xMBA (Chief Operating Officer).

Dr. Lord is an Alaska licensed physician with over 25 years of remote and critical care experience. Scott’s focus has been on mobile business intelligence to drive innovation of business operations.

How was KelvinCARE created?

KelvinCARE started as an idea in the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first prototype was created and AMP customers immediately adopted the app for use in their commercial fishing fleets.

When the State of Alaska invoked COVID-19 Health Mandates requiring each company to adopt a State Workforce/Community Protection Plan or draft their own customized plans, KelvinCARE immediately became an essential component for our client’s compliance.

KelvinCARE was included as a symptom checker with compliance reporting for company plans. These plans were required to operate during the summer season.

How has KelvinCARE helped the State of Alaska?

With KelvinCARE, incoming travelers completed Alaska Traveler Declaration Forms, communicating their exposures and symptoms, (which determine their risk).

The State granted access for entry when the Traveler agreed to terms and conditions conforming to Health Mandates subject to felony and up to $25,000 fine. Travelers were able to choose between several State defined options with consent to a diagnostic test or 14-day self-quarantine.

How does the KelvinCARE application work?

The KelvinCARE application is available on any smart phone, including iOS or Android devices. Individuals may self-report or in more structured environments, Designated Observers (DO) are appointed. A real-time dashboard provides documentation with compliance for individuals, employers, and communities.

How does KelvinCARE app differentiate from other apps?

Unlike other apps, KelvinCARE uses experienced medical staff, CDC recommendations, and physician-recommended protocols to come up with the best practices.

The app collects real-time data and is paired with organizational alerting to allow immediate response for at-risk employees or community members. KelvinCARE’s early detection allows for immediate triage, treatment, and isolation as needed.

How will KelvinCARE continue to evolve?

KelvinCARE is accelerating the velocity of innovation by creating features that add value for customers while helping to mitigate risk. As a company, they are working on partner integrations with other tools, systems, and laboratories to facilitate the exchange of data, results, and information that will allow its users to continue their mission.

In addition, work is being performed to extend contact tracing infrastructure into proactive contact prediction. KelvinCARE continues to evolve with new technologies and platform innovations.